Welcome to The Palms Seattle!

Reminder about Events

To attend a party or any other events, you must first attend a dinner. For information on registration and membership, see the New Members page.

What are we?

An adults-only spanking group. Mostly male top/female bottom, though we do have a few switches and a fair number of female top/female bottoms. We think of ourselves as a "female friendly" spanking group. What this means is that we want to go out of our way to make female members, particularly new ones, as comfortable as possible. Women are more hesitant to attend functions and reply to ads than men are. What we strive for is to make any curious females as comfortable as possible on a social level, and then let her proceed within the spanking community at her own pace and comfort level. We welcome complete newbies to the scene and seasoned players equally. This is in no way meant to disrespect the males in the group- without you we wouldn't have a group!

Please look around the site and read the different forums to determine if you think this group is for you. The web site is updated on a very regular basis, so check it frequently.

What are we not? A BDSM group.

So if you are more into a BDSM lifestyle, this group is probably not for you. But if you are completely enchanted with the idea of going across a top's lap for some well deserved punishment, or standing a very naughty lady in the corner as you bring out your implements, all the while scolding her as she stands there, bottom bared, dreading and anticipating at the same time, then read on.

As a group - we are focused on the female bottom, hence most of the play is male top/female bottom. Female top/female bottom play is also welcome. Male/male scenarios are not.

Interested in Joining?

Please take a look around our site to ensure that we are the group of people you are looking for. If you have any questions please contact paddlebot.

If you are sure that you would like to join our group - please refer to the New Members page for further instructions. When your membership has been approved, you will be granted access to the Forums. You will also be message other registered members within the site.

Many of you have posted in the forums, which I recommend. Let's see some stories and personal ads!!